Kjeldhl Digestion & Destillation

  • Conformity with multiple standards protocols (AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN, etc)
  • Aluminium heating block
  • Maximun working temperature 450 C
  • Fully automatic unit TEMS technology-DKL series
  • Entry-level distilation unit (auto NaOH addition) with 5 min analysis time (UDK 129)
  • Semi-automationc distilation unit(auto NaOH, H2O) with 4 min analysis time (UDK 149
  • Automatic distilation unit (auto NaOH, H2O, H3BO3) with 3 min analysis time and ability of distilation in series (UDK 139)

Spectrofotometer UH-5300

  • Operation by Ipad
  • Wavelenght range 190~1100 nm
  • Baseline stability 0.0005 Abs/h (260 nm after 2 hrs warm up period)
  • Longlife Xenon flash lamp with 7 year warranty
  • Automatic 6-cell turret
  • Wide range of accessories

Rotary Evaporator

  • Evaporation capacity of 20 or 30 ml/min (water)
  • Rotation speed 5~280/20~180 rpm
  • Auto jack type with diagonal double helix condenser (N-1210BS)
  • Aut jack type with dewer type condenser (N-1210BT)

AAS ZA-3000

  • Flmae/Graphite furnace analytical method
  • Up to 12 element anlysis
  • Twin Injection function
  • The one and only Polarized Zeemen correction by DC magnetic field
  • Czerny-Turner mount monochromator
  • Wavelength range 190 ~ 900nm
  • Detector Photomultiplier


  • Full Spectral Access captures the entire wavelength spectrum in single reading
  • Optical design: High Energy Echelle Polychromator
  • Focal length 500 mm
  • Full wavelength coverage 165~1100 nm
  • CMOS detector


  • Up to 4 titration stations are connectable. (with optional titration station (and stirrer))
  • Measuring pH: 0 to 14,mV: -2000 to +2000 mV
  • Auto jack type with diagonal double helix condenser (N-1210BS)
  • GP compliant functions: Buret precision check, Electrode check, Buret use frequency (display/print), Electrode maintenance (display/print), Reagent level display and alarm


  • Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration method
  • Measuring ange 5 μgH₂0 – 300 mgH₂O
  • Measurement accuracy within CV of 0.3 % (1 g of 1 mgH₂O/mL water-in-methanol measured 10 times
  • Electrolytic cell capacity 150 mL (min.usage: approx. 100 mL)
  • GLP compliant functions: Electrolytic cell maintenance, Measurement Accu- racy test

Oven Puriven

  • Puriven Forced onvection Temp range from ambient +5~250°C Overheating protector
  • Puriven Vacuum Stainless steel 304 interior Alumunium shelves Temp range from ambient +5~200°C


  • Natural convection with max temp 300°C (NDO series
  • Timer and alarm function
  • Shelf type vacuum oven with dual heating system: bath heating and blowing controlled hot air (PVO series)


  • Waterbath Shaker (NTS) series
  • Multi Shaker (MMS series)


  • Infrared sensor availabe in selected model
  • Variable speed operation, electronically controlled up to 3000rpm