Indotech Sains Inti always committed to give the best service and support to ensure our product working optimally at the hand of our customer.

Indotech Sains Inti is accredited calibration laboratory from Komite Akreditasi Nasional (LK-320-IDN) in accordance with ISO 17025:2017.


When you require specialized, reliable, high-quality solutions, count on Indotech Sains Inti Services.

Our portfolio of market-leading services can help you increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency with a comprehensive suite of services, customized just the way you need them. Our wide range of services, highly trained staff, proven solutions and commitment to your project will help you meet even your most challenging research goals. From custom manufacturing, business consulting and protocol development, to instrument repair and optimization, we draw upon our wide range of premium, high-quality products to create customized, scalable, efficient solutions for your research.

Installation and Training

Indotech Sains Inti service engineers ensure the proper installation and requirements compliance of your instruments. Performance and safety are key factors. Professional training is comprehensively provided to aid customers in product usage and routine maintenance.


Indotech Sains Inti provides the full range of validation programs tailored to your organizational SOP, increasing product performance and reducing unexpected repairs, so you know that your instruments are performance-optimized. This includes rigorous testing and verification to ensure functionality according to factory standards. Service documentations include detailed checklists and records, for tracking of works completion and other pertinent technical information.

Application Support

Indotech Sains Inti application specialists and service engineers are professionally trained to fully match the markets exacting needs, resolving your technical issues with the most minimal downtime. Every instrument in our product portfolio is comprehensively covered by this area of application support.

Indotech Sains Inti carries out onesource testing and calibration services, in an allencompassing maintenance warehouse that saves time and reduces costs with all your service needs under one roof. With the exception of Calibration services, all the service aspects above can be conveniently fulfilled via our Preventive Maintenance Program.


Apart from the Preventive Maintenance Program, Indotech Scientific also offers professional expert service in Calibration. There are 3 key factors to accurate instrumentation results for reliable scientific method outcomes:

  • Validated Method (Theory Application).
  • Calibrated Equipment (Instrument Tuning).
  • Proper Operation (Human Precision).

Of these 3 Key Factors, proper instrument calibration is the most readily modifiable factor to improve operational reliability, reducing resource wastage and re-testing downtime.